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Soha Fontaine

Broker Owner


Trust Her

"I don’t normally write reviews, but felt compelled in this case since Soha saved me thousands of dollars and helped me sell my place without destroying my financial situation. Short summary – Soha had 2 offers to rent my unit in 3 days, one was at listing price, another was above list. When we went to sell a year later, my unit had 4 offers in 4 days and all were asking price or above. Longer summary – I bought my unit during the peak in 2007 (with a different agent), and found out a few years later that my agent at the time was more concerned with having me buy anything than making a worthwhile investment. When it came around to renting and selling, I chose Soha because she wasn’t pushy and seemed to be a very genuine and honest person. I was ready to move out of the area and sell my unit in 2011 but the market was terrible. In 3 days time, Soha was able to find multiple renters at about $200 more a month than what I thought I would be able to get. A year later, we decided to put it on the market for sale, and Soha got multiple offers at asking or above in only a few days. And here’s where it’s easy to see where Soha is different from the other agents. There is an identical unit to my unit that was put up for sale a few days before mine with a different agent. That unit had a higher asking price, never sold, and is currently being rented out again. It was even lowered to a lower listing price than what I sold mine at. So when she seems to be pricing things aggressively, trust her. She’s hoping to move things quickly, get multiple offers, because there is nothing worse than a stale listing. As to her communication, in everyone I worked with in buying and selling my unit, there was no one even close in responsiveness. She responds within a few minutes all the time, whether on weekends or weekdays. And she has an absolutely fantastic assistant, Malcolm, who went out of his way to do things I couldn’t do having already moved to another state. Buying and selling real estate can be an extremely stressful time (it was for me), but Soha and Malcolm made sure everything went smoothly for me, and I can’t thank them enough."

- Tom D., Hoboken NJ

Give Soha a Call

"Anyone who lives and/or works in Hoboken knows the name Soha Fontaine and recognizes her posters outside open houses across town. Soha is one of, if not the hardest working realtor in Hoboken; and if you are looking to rent, buy, rent your home or sell your home, it is a no-brainer to list with Soha. She is honest, caring, experienced, professional and will work tirelessly until you have a signed lease or purchase contract. Before finding Soha I met with numerous realtors in Hoboken who wanted to talk me into nothing more than lowering my price to lease so they would find a quick renter and move onto the next client. All they cared about was their pockets, not mine. Soha will show you the most recent sales and rentals and give you the most honest and realistic information of what you can expect and still strive to get you the absolute best price. Her assistant Malcolm is also a pleasure to work with. I have rented my unit at the Maxwell Place 4 different times with Soha and she has found me new tenants within a matter of days each time while also getting me hundreds of dollars more than the last lease per month! I give Soha Fontaine 5 stars across the board for her knowledge, expertise, responsiveness and negotiation skills and I'm sure anybody who has worked with her in the past would agree. Do yourself a favor no matter what you are looking to do in real estate in and around Hoboken and give Soha a call. She will go to work for you and get you the absolute best deal no matter what side of the deal you're on and in record time."

- J.E., Hoboken NJ